Innovation Social Global Programme

The theme of Innovation Social Global was Innovation For The Long-term - how do you sustain and embed innovation within your organisation in a strategic way? To put it another way - how do you make like Motown and have hit after hit after hit?  We delivered the programme over an evening and then the full next day - 13 hours of Innovation inspiration.

Thursday 12th October: 5pm - 10.30pm, the mill, 451 broadway, new york

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An Innovation Social tradition, That's Me That Is is a unique way for attendees to meet each other, including our esteemed Advisory Board - innovation leaders and thinkers across all aspects of the industry.

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We're very proud to welcome Dr Kate Stone, the founder of award winning lab Novalia.

Using her patented interactive print, Dr Kate Stone is adding interactivity and capacitive touch to everything from hats and mandalas through to packaging and books, creating a new tech frontier.  Kate will share how business can build an innovation mind-set.


We're super proud to partner with Wok+Wine for our evening entertainment.  Wok+Wine use proven psychological methodologies to drive connections, change perceptions and learn how to think in new and unconventional ways. 

Friday 13th October: 9am - 6pm, BETAWORKS, 29 Little W 12th St

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Opening & keynote

Nadya Powell, co-founder of Innovation Social will open the day.  Gareth Kay, founder of Innovation Business Chapter SF, will then provide his view on how we can build an innovation culture and sustain Innovation for the long-term.

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Long-term innovation

Our panel of Innovation leaders, James Cooper, Itai Asseo, Soraya Darabi, and Susan Lyne, will be discussing how to build an Innovation Culture and sustain Innovation for the long-term.

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Case studies of innovation

Laura BrounsteinRei Inamoto, Saneel Radia, Sonny Caberwal and Tom McLeod will share their case studies of innovation followed by a moderated Q&A from Kate Gardiner.

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artifical intelligence deep-dive

Artificial Intelligence's meaning and impact is all too often reduced to bots.  This segment will focus on the long-term future of AI and we welcome Claire Graves from The Webby's to share new research on AI, Sarah Fay of Glasswing Ventures to share the start-up view and Justin Hendrix from NYC Media Lab to share the impact of AI on content. 

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To end the speakers sessions Katie Longmyer will be hosting a fireside chat with guests Kerin Rose Gold and Nick Catchdubs - two innovators in the field of music and fashion who will share how they manage to innovate time and time again.  

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round tables

We will be hosting two round-tables; one on AI moderated by Shana Dressler and another on building an innovation culture, moderated by Lizzie Shupak.  These roundtables will build understanding on how to embed innovation within your organisation.



“Innovation Social is for curious people who seek to accelerate innovative thinking.  Expect to come away with a view into the future combined with a heavy dose of human insight and inspiration.”   

Nadya Powell, Co-founder, Innovation Social