Our partner organisation Creative Social has been running global events for leaders since 2003, bringing together a perfect tribe to inspire and connect. In October 2017 Innovation Social is going to New York to hold our first Innovation Social Global Summit and bring together the most progressive and curious innovators from agencies, brands, platforms and start-ups.

Innovation Social Global will create an exclusive and welcoming community in which innovators can come together to discuss the impact technology is having on business and society.  Think of it as an innovation salon – a historical concept for the gathering of like minded people to learn, challenge and evolve.  The full programme has now been confirmed and if you are interested in purchasing a ticket, the salon is invite only, please contact

Lastly, a huge thank you to our advisory board who have helped to shape the Innovation Salon.  Thank you Viv Rosenthal, Ted Perrson, Kate Gardiner, Shana Dressler, James Cooper, Lars Bastholm and Jess Greenwood.  

"One of the top five influences on my career"

Laura Jordan-Bambach, SheSays and Mr President