Innovation social

founded in 2012 to accelerate innovation thinking

Innovation Social was founded in 2012 after our co-founders Daniele Fiandaca and Nadya Powell met for the first time while at SXSW.  Both had recently been appointed as Chief Innovation Officer of their businesses and had noticed the rise of the role across the industry.  They decided to hold a meet-up of Chief Innovation Officers they knew, to discuss what the impact of the title should be on business.  

The first inaugural meeting was held with 10 Socials at a restaurant in London and over the past five years the membership has grown to over 200 Innovation leaders and thinkers.  Innovation Social is organised around meet-ups where the Socials come together to talk about the impact of technology on business and society.  Innovation Social also holds an annual conference called Innovation Stories and this year, for the first time, will hold a Global Summit in New York. 

Today Innovation Social is the only community for Innovation Leaders and Thinkers in the UK and is pioneering innovation thinking across business.  

“Innovation Social is AA for people who are itching to do things differently.”

Lawrence Weber, Managing Partner Innovation, Karmarama